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Exit  through consumption

07.04 - 15.04  Kösk München





Photographic Fine Art

6. April 2017  // 19 Uhr

Dj: Hann ino & Javier Gallardo (vinyl)


10.April // 19.30 uhr
concert // Embryo feat. Deobrat & Prashant Mishra

from Varanasi (India)

Fr bis Di 16 – 19 Uhr
 +49 17621710774
Kösk München, Schrenkstraße 8


Max Boström

The round bellied Buddha hits you with his jovial, confident smile. He could as well stand in a yoga-studio or next the somebody's fireplace if there weren't those vertical lines, pages from glossy magazines which create the shape of the Buddha. Far eastern divine wisdom, molded from the ideology of western consume-rage.

With his paper sculptures Max Boström offers a critical perspective onto today's complex society. Dealing with phenomena like „Brexit“ and „Trump“ and the sculptures tell from a collective desire for the „good old days“ within a world where many seem to have lost their focus, whatever happened to happiness?


The power of the sculptures lies in their ambiguity, the artists intentions and the randomness as a method. Following the credo „act and react“ leaves room for interpretations of the visitors whose reactions are included along the creative process, the sculptures serving as mirrors for those looking at them.


Text: Luis Michal


ZIBAYO is the creative constellation of an eccelectic duo consisting of a German-Armenian painter Lilli Bagradyans and a South African photographer Valentino Zondi.

Inspired by numerous journeys within the African continent, through the interlacing combination of two art forms, fine art on the one hand, and photography on the other, they create a new space for art.


The new element in the work of this duo is the purely analogous development of its art objects. The lens of the camera, the transparent painting and the object itself. This three remain unaffected after the production process and is not subject to any post-processing.


                                                HIDDEN IDENTITIES


The first series of exhibitions, initiated under the title HIDDEN IDENTITIES, is an artistic exploration of the most recent issues of South African social policy, exemplified by the continuous gentrification of the city of Johannesburg. The Maboneng district is currently the “meeting point” Hipper youth cultures and young people, but at the same time the circumstances of the buildings, such as the targeted expulsion of the local inhabitants from their habitual environment, were veiled.


ZIBAYO thus tries with this work, to transfer the individual identities of the expelled to the consciousness of the elite modern culture of Maboneng as well as to maintain them in particular. It is the concretely intended visualization of all those identities and their faces, which are pushed daily into the invisible side, but have the most important stories and realities to tell.


A uniquely unifying confrontation between art, politics and society, which must be resolved at a higher level of consideration. The exhibition series celebrated its debut on the streets of Johannesburg, more precisely on those two central Maboneng Streets, which can be freely accessible for everyone and presented omnipresent.


Further exhibitions, such as the end of March in London and the beginning of April in Munich, are currently being organized in the European area, but they are struggling to expand in the near future, especially in the Near East, especially in Armenia Especially the redefinition of the genocide question.

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