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Why do I work with paper? 

I generally find it very interesting to transform the two-dimensional medium into a spatial one. Although digitalisation is advancing and paper is increasingly being replaced, at the same time paper is becoming more valuable and expensive. 

The material for my sculptures always consists of paper and used magazines which i find in forgotten basement corners or on ebay Kleinanzeigen. 
In this search I encounter people who want to get rid of their once beloved magazine collections, their favorite cosmopolitan editions or have personal articles and documents that need a second life. 
I am interested in the stories told by these piles of paper „waste“ and get inspired by the contents and the people. These magazines and papers are the manifestation of our culture that is being lost with digitization. The process of sculpturing is an act of recycling and preserving. The result is a 3d collage. 

Creating the sculptures is a time consuming, meditative process. Each paper sheet layer is cut by hand with a cutter and arranged in the given form. In this process I experiment with different techniques and esthetics. 


SS  2018

TU München - M.A. Architecture

SS   2017

Sapienza - Università di Roma

WS 2015 - SS   2018

TU München  -  M.A. Architecture

WS 2013

EPFL Lausanne Switzerland

WS 2010 - SS 2014

TU Darmstadt  -  B.Sc Architekt


Abitur Bettinaschule Frankfurt am Mai


Exchange Highschool California


Bettinaschule Frankfurt am Main FFM


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